Land Development

Berkshire Hathaway

FAQs Land Owners

Q – What is my property worth?

A – This cannot be determined by a simple, one time discussion. Raw land is worth what farmers pay in your area per acre with settlement within 90 to 120 days. Partially developed land, when the optimum use and number of lots are determined, is worth far more. The first step of Land Development’s (LD) three step marketing process allows our Regional Land Director (RLD) and the owner to determine the highest possible price based on the owner’s goals.

Q – Why should I sell now?

A – Timing of a land sale is subject to when the owners want (or need) the money. If the owners want to achieve the highest and best price by obtaining the maximum number of lots, they need the expertise of Land Development to guide them through the completion of the development approvals. In the meantime, land values are being influenced by increased zoning regulations, political initiatives, endangered species protection, environmental restrictions and added pressure from open space proponents. All of these decrease the number of possible lots and therefore the land value. The pressures are increasing lately at an alarming rate.

Q – How soon can we make Settlement?

A – Dependent upon price (see question # 1), settlement can be quickly attained (at Farmer’s prices) or upon completion of the development approvals (at higher prices).

Q – How much does it cost?

A – Using LD’s three step land marketing process, owners pay a commission at the time of settlement. Our RLD’s meet with owners to discuss what options are available. If the owners elect to proceed with LD, there may be a cost for a sketch plan completed by a professional land planner in addition to the commission. This land planning cost is paid by the owner.

Q – Can I complete this process myself?

A – Not without land development experience and knowledge. Every mistake costs time and money.

Q – Why should I use Land Development (LD)?

A – The RLD’s have over 100 years of combined experience in land development and marketing. Our process is unique and it works. The only focus of LD is the development and marketing of land for our exclusive seller.

Q – Do I need to sign an exclusive listing with Land Development to benefit from this process?

A – Yes. If you are not satisfied after the completion of the first steps of the process, you may cancel the listing.